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Tuesday 28 July 2015 08:20 am

Today we have 75004 London jobs

Employment in LondonWelcome to London UK jobs! We are a public online employment board where you can look for and find different job vacancies in The United Kingdom, London. Below you can find lots of London vacancy listings organized by industry sectors.

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Today is Tuesday 28 July 2015 08:20 am

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Preparation for a Successful Job Interview

A Job Interview is perhaps the most important step of the whole hiring process altogether. Although shrewd HR professionals can tell a lot about you by just taking a look at your CV, but nothing seals their judgment and opinion like the interview.

Tips to Boost Your Job Motivation

We all start our new jobs with enthusiasm and vigor, and overlook the demerits of those jobs. But as time passes and we start settling down, the real deal about such jobs starts to dawn upon us.

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Important things to know about salaries in the United Kingdom before you agree to a job offer in London.

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How to Become a Practicing Dentist in London UK

Medical Jobs are posing very attractive career opportunities in London and there is a plenty of room for Dentists.

The Latest Article on How to Get a Good Job in London by London UK Jobs

Bartender Work in London – Is This London Job for You?

There are many hospitality jobs in London to choose from. Bar-tending is one of the popular part time jobs in the capital and in the country. It is worth finding out whether bar-tending is for you.

You certainly know what bartenders do. They serve drinks and snacks and get payments. They talk to clients and make them feel comfortable. However, as a bartender, you will also be responsible for keeping the bar area clean and for washing glasses and perhaps dishes. Many bartenders are responsible for cleaning all tables and the entire bar. Managing drink and snack supply as well as shelf restocking are also major responsibilities that you will have to take on the job. Some bartenders set menus and even organize events.

Bartenders can work in different setting. A lot of London hotels, bars, pubs and clubs are regularly hiring workers for different reasons. In many cases, as the business expands a larger staff becomes a must. There are also many part time workers quitting to move to another career.

As a bartender in London, you can expect a starting salary of around £9,000 a year. If you have previous work experience as a bartender, you can make over £16,000 a year. This is just the money you will get in the form of salary. Most bartenders earn a considerable amount of money from tips. Still, you have to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well as great bartending skills in order to earn good tips.

There are no educational qualification requirements for bartenders, but you will be expected to have completed your GCSEs and to have good grades in English and Math. Some chain bars and pubs require you to have a relevant National Vocational Qualification in Hospitality or Food and Drink Services, but they usually arrange the training for you.

Overall, it is worth considering bartending, if you are interested in it. After all it is one of the best part time jobs in London.