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Volunteer Graphic or Web Designers and Social Media Professionals Job

Posted: 08-11-2018
Place: Beckton, London

Would you like to make a difference no matter how big or small?
Would you like an opportunity to apply your skills, talents and passions in real meaningful projects that makes an impact in society?
Would you like to give back whilst also opening up opportunities for you to build your career or business at the same time?
Who are we?
We are Lighthouse International, an leadership and mentorship organisation that has been dedicated for 12 years to inspire powerful and necessary change in people for them to transform their lives and the world around them.
What is the Opportunity?
We are bringing together a new team of volunteers who all care about making a difference and are willing to contribute just a little time a month (how ever much or however little you like) to give their skills, talents or passions towards social and environmental projects - particularly skills in mentoring, web design/development, programming, social media, video, graphic design, tech, app building, (but certainly not limited to just these - we need people with just about every skill set you can imagine so get  in touch even if we've not mentioned yours talents/skills here)
All our volunteers have opportunities to gain access to a mentor to help them progress in areas of their own life, career or business, to build their own network to help them enhance their career and business prospects and open the right doors. 
How do we Move Forward From Here?
Submit your CV along with a brief, yet personal answer to the following two questions:
* 1. What excites you about this opportunity? Why?
* 2) What do you see yourself being able to do through this opportunity for you personally (beyond what Lighthouse is aiming to do)?

This job is no longer available

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